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The library would like to thank the Friends of the Library for funding new plantings near the parking lot entrance.

May is National Pet Month

Here to celebrate are some of the Heggan Library staff pets!

Luke and Stella

Meet Luke and Stella, who were both rescued from Camden as kittens shortly after their mother gave birth.  Luke was named Lucy until it was discovered that he was not a girl.  Stella was named after the picture book entitled Stellaluna by Janell Cannon.  They are almost a year and a half old, transforming from frisky, cute kittens to lazy, large felines! 


My name is Pandora, and this is my face when I’m awakened from a nap for a picture.  I’m 17 years old.  I got my name because I came home in a box, and no one knew what would happen when they opened the box to let me out!  My hobbies include napping in the sun, asking for treats, and cuddling.  I’m known for always getting the last word…even if it’s a silent meow.

Kao and Hika

Kao and Hika are eight-year-old twins. Even when they are not in the same room together, they are often sitting or lying the exact same way. Hika likes to play with water. If you give him a cup in the sink, he will knock it over and chase the water down the drain.  Kao likes to have his belly rubbed. It is not a trap! If he rolls over and shows you his belly, it is because he really wants it rubbed. He will whine forever if you do not do it.

John Connor McLeod

This is John Connor McLeod, waking up to a full day of biting his dad and eating his comic work!

Mike and Sully

Meet Mike and Sully, who are dogs belonging to humans who are Disney fanatics!






Say hello to Max!






Meet Daisy!


This is Abby, who loves water in all its forms!

Bobo and Keys

Pictured here is Bobo the dog and Keys the cat. Bobo loves water bottles and he has his favorite one that he will bring to show people but he will not let them touch, just look!   Keys likes to be left alone.  She does not care much for people. 


Meet Oona!   Since she is so big and sassy, her owners started calling her Goons or Goonie when she was a kitten.

Mr. BooBoo

Mr. BooBoo is ready for the Easter bunny!


This is Dagney, a seventy-pound lap dog.

Mrs. MiMi

This cat is named Mrs. MiMi, and in this photo, she is enjoying a spring day.


This is Buddy. He is a sixteen year old Shetland Sheepdog. When Buddy was a puppy he had a fondness for socks. One day he escaped his crate and went through hampers all through the house, chewing up socks. He referred to it as Buddy's big day out!


This is a cat named Trouble, relaxing after being pulled off of the roof!


Here is Greyson, hanging out with his mom!


Meet Gecko!  He is a bearded dragon.

Karl Barx

This is Karl Barx, and he loves to eat anything!

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