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How to Access Online Databases

The library provides a diverse collection of online databases.  These are all accessible via our website through the “Databases” menu in the navigation bar.  These databases are organized both alphabetically and by subject.  Simply click on a database to be directed to the online database in question.  If you are prompted for a library card number enter your full 14 digit number with no spaces (the one exception being the Salem databases which need only the last 6 digits).

If your card is not a Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library card or your card is expired or has fines you may be unable to access a database. Contact the library if you are unsure.

Some databases are only accessible at home or only at the library.  These are indicated by icons.

This icon alone indicates that a database is only accessible at the library.
This icon alone indicates that a database is only accessible at home.
Two icons together indicates that a database is accessible anywhere.

Database/Scholarly Article Terms and Definitions

Peer Review Peer Review is a process by which other scholars evaluate a work.  The is a measure to ensure the accuracy of the data and the quality of the work, a means of self regulating scholarly literature.
Full Text If an article is provided by a database as Full Text it is available to read in its entirety on the database.  The alternative is an abstract, where a citation is provided, informing the reader how to seek out the full article.

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