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 MH.MainLogo.Red The Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library of the Township of Washington will be the community’s primary resource, through print and non-print resources, for knowledge, information, and enjoyment, with emphasis on convenient accessibility and customer-oriented service.  The Library will strive to:

  • Provide materials, with an emphasis on printed media, which are of most interest to users of all ages; especially preschool and adult age groups who have no other library at their disposal;
  • Instill a love of reading and learning, and a familiarity with the Library, in all residents but especially in preschool children from infancy through the kindergarten age;
  • Provide prompt and accurate information to individuals, groups, businesses, and government in our community
  • Assist elementary and secondary students with information, materials, and services which support their formal education assignments and interests.
  • 50th Year Anniversary: Explore 1966 and see how you can share in our celebration of 50 years of service!
  • Library History: Learn about the history of the Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library.
  • Newsletters: Check out current and past newsletters and annual reports.
  • Policies: A catalog of our library’s policies.
  • Friends of the Library: Learn about the Friends of the Library and how you can join.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: A catalog of questions commonly asked regarding the library and its services.
  • Forms: A collection of our online and printable forms.
  • Subject Guides: Get your research started with these helpful guides.
  • Helpful Links: These websites are not affiliated with the library, but considered valuable by our staff.
Sheila Mikkelson Laurie Porsia Debra Rosner Laura Shiber
Library Director
(856) 589-3334 extension 211
Circulation Supervisor
(856) 589-3334 extension 201
Reference Librarian
(856) 589-3334 extension 226
Children’s Librarian
(856) 589-3334 extension 216
Sergio Ragno Barbara Pilling Heather Deitch Jennifer Mentzer
Systems Librarian
(856) 589-3334 extension 225
Teen Librarian
(856) 589-3334 extension 224
Reference Librarian
(856) 589-3334 extension 222
Reference Librarian
(856) 589-3334 extension 204