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About Children’s Programs

Family Storytime

For ages 6 months to 6 years with caregiver.

Please join us every other Friday at 10:15AM for a storytime session! This half hour storytime will let us share books, songs, rhymes, and more to build language and literacy skills. We’ll end our Family Storytime with a craft.


For ages 5 to 11 years, children ages 5 and 6 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

Come build, invent, and experiment with LEGO in the library! Join us every other Thursday at 4:30PM to create, build, and have fun.


For ages 6-36 months with caregiver

This is a fun-filled thirty-minute interactive session that uses rhymes, songs, puppets, musical instruments and more to stimulate the learning process of babies and toddlers. A short playtime will follow! We have three timeslots; two are on Monday at 10:15AM and 11:15AM, as well as on Thursday at 10:15AM.


For ages 6 months to 6 years with caregiver.
Every fourth Wednesday night, join us in your most comfortable pajamas, and feel free to bring a stuffed animal and blanket to snuggle up with! We’ll share stories, songs and rhymes that support early literacy development, as we get ready for a good night’s sleep.


For ages 3 to 5 years and caregiver.
Join us on Tuesdays at 1:30PM for a storytime session filled with songs, stories, and general silliness. Preschool Storytime is designed to boost your child’s early literacy skills while having lots of fun in the library!


For all ages.
Come read to a certified therapy dog or cat for FURever as Friends on select Thursdays at 6:30PM.
A library card is not required. Please call or visit the library to register for this program.

About Children’s Programming

  • Advanced registration is required for all children’s programs.
  • Registration opens the week prior to the week of the event.
  • Only Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library cardholders may register for children’s programs.

The Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library Policy on Unattended Children in the Library

The library welcomes children to use its facilities and services. However, the responsibility for the care, safety and behavior of children using the library rests with the parent, guardian or

An unattended child is defined as:
1. A child unable to care for himself/herself when left in the Library without a parent, guardian or caregiver within sight or sound range and/or
2. A child without a safe way home from the library at closing time. It is not the intention of the Library to seek out unattended children, but to have a reasoned response prepared when a problem does present itself.

The library assumes no responsibility for juvenile/minor children left inside or outside on library property at any time without a parent, caregiver or guardian. Parents who leave juvenile/minor children unattended do so at their own risk. Library staff cannot verify the ages of children who come into the library. If a child is disruptive and/or is not using the library for any of its intended purposes, the parent/guardian should be found. If they are not on the premises, they should be called to pick up the child. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the police may be called. A child should never be asked to leave the building on their own.

Staff members or library volunteers are not to transport children anywhere under any circumstances. As in all public places, interacting with strangers is a real concern. Library staff cannot prevent children from interacting with or leaving the library with persons who are not the appropriate chaperone.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure that children are safe and cared for while in the Library and have been made with the understanding that individual children mature at different rates:
1. Children under the age of 5: A parent, guardian or responsible caregiver must remain with or be immediately accessible to the child at all times.
2. Children ages 5-9: A parent, guardian or responsible caregiver must remain in the library for the duration of the child’s visit.
3. Children ages 10-12: Are welcome to use the Library unattended but should not be left alone for extended periods of time.
4. Children ages 13 and over: May use the Library responsibly.

When juvenile/minor children are left at closing time, a staff member will call a parent or caregiver to arrange pickup.
If no one can be reached, two staff members will wait with the child for ten minutes and then call the police.
If a parent or caregiver is reached but does not arrive at the designated time, the police should be called.
Staff will be compensated for their time.

Children who are left alone occasionally at the library are not considered “neglected” or “abandoned” by NJ Law. These terms apply only to long-term situations that put the child’s mental and/or physical health in danger.