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January 2023: Paintings by Girl Scout Troop 62345

Previous Exhibits
December 2022: Paintings by Annie Strack
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October 2022: Paintings by Patrick Lieg
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Summer 2022: Oceans of Possibilities
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January/February 2022: Aggie Knoll Photography
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December 2021: Artwork by Art in Lockdown
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Featuring art by Jane L. Mack, Mary P. Stauss, Catherine Root, Marcia Fogle, and Cathy Matos.
March 2020: Artwork by The Girl Scouts of Washington Township
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February 2020: Philadelphia Mummers Series of Autism Artwork by Nicky St. Clair
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Library Exhibit/Display Policies

  • Parties interested in scheduling an exhibit must contact the library’s display coordinator, Stephanie Kolodziej, at 856-589-3334 x 220 or Final approval of displays and bulletin boards will be made by the Library Director. The Heggan Library reserves the right to deny certain exhibits.
  • Each display/exhibit shall be on display for one month unless other arrangements are made.
  • Each exhibitor shall sign an Artist’s Release Agreement.
  • The exhibitor shall be responsible for setting up and dismantling the display/exhibit. Any costs for framing, transportation, etc. will be incurred by the exhibitor. Please do not use any kind of tape, nails or thumb tacks as they will damage the lobby walls. Artwork may only be hung on the library’s hanging system, under the supervision of library staff.
  • All displays/exhibits must be framed and ready for hanging. Special care must be made to insure that the frames and hanging wire are securely fastened. While the staff makes every effort to monitor the display/exhibit, the exhibitor is responsible for items that fall and need to be re-hung.
  • Displays/exhibits must be hung during library hours.
  • The Heggan Library is a public facility. This means that while your exhibit is on display in the gallery, that space may also be used for meetings or programs.
  • Exhibitors display their works at their own risk and shall not hold the Heggan Library liable for any damages or losses.
  • The Heggan Library reserves the right to review all displays/exhibits. The library will make no effort to censor or amend the contents of any exhibit unless it violates community standards of decency for family viewing or library quality standards.
  • Displays/exhibits must be removed by the date specified on the Artist’s Release Agreement. Articles not removed by the specified date will be removed by library staff. The library cannot guarantee the condition of items removed by staff.