How do I get a guest pass to use the computers?
You can use any LOGIN library card to access our computers, however, if you do not have a LOGIN library card you may fill out an application for a one day guest pass at the circulation desk.
Does the library offer Wi-Fi and is there a password?
The library offers free Wi-Fi with three different access points, none requiring a password.

  • MEHREFERENCE: This Wi-Fi signal projects from the periodicals collection
  • MEHCIRCULATION: This Wi-Fi signal projects from the circulation desk
  • MEHMEETINGROOM: This Wi-Fi signal projects from the meeting room.

We do not provide printing services for our Wi-Fi network.  In order to print save your work to either a portable drive (like a flash drive) or a network cloud.

What computers are available for public access?

The library offers a total of 31 computers for public access including 6 online catalog stations, 15 adult computer lab stations, 5 young adult computer lab stations, 4 juvenile computer lab station, and 2 AWE Early Learning game stations.

Our computer lab stations and children’s library stations run on Windows 7. Our young adult computers run Windows 10.

The online catalog stations can only access the library catalog.

What software can I find on library computers?

All computer lab stations are loaded with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome web browsers.

The adult and young adult stations are also loaded with Microsoft Office.

The online catalog stations can only access the library catalog and have no software other than the Google Chrome browser.

Are there any restrictions on computer sessions?

All sessions are for one hour, but may he extended if the computer in question is not reserved for another patron.

Patrons are allowed 11 sessions per day.  If a patron ends their session early this still counts towards their allotment of sessions.

A session will automatically end if a station is left idle for five minutes.

Only patrons ages 17 and under may use the young adult computers.

Will I lose my session if I leave my computer idle or unattended?
In order to protect the security and privacy of our patrons, our computers will automatically end a session if the station is left idle for five minutes. If a station is approaching that idle time a patron must click a prompt in order to maintain their session.

As data is wiped only at the end of a session, this measure helps prevent unauthorized users by accessing a patron’s account and history should they forget to end their session or simply walk away from their computer for too long.

What security is loaded on library computers?
Our computers are loaded with Faronics DeepFreeze and AntiVirus.

Faronics Anti-Virus is a powerful anti-virus tool that is managed and kept up to date remotely. All public stations have this installed and providing active protection. Faronics Anti-Virus does not provide a firewall, this is provided on our public computers by a separate service.

Faronics DeepFreeze rolls back workstations when a session is ended. This prevents any data from being stored onto a station’s hard drive. This helps protect our users’ privacy and identity and our computers’ security by preventing malicious software from installing data on any permanent location.

Our computers reboot at the end of a session as an extra measure to ensure the security and privacy of our patrons.

What are the best practices for using the public computers?

Be mindful that you are using a public computer.  We have taken many steps to protect your privacy, but no system is perfect and you should take measures to protect yourself.

It is not a good idea to use a public work station for sensitive information that could be used to steal your identity.  This includes information like social security numbers, street address, bank accounts, and date of birth.

Always delete your browsing history and remember to sign out of services and websites when you are finished with your session.  Try to un-check or deny any “remember my login” offers.  Again, we have measures in place that should clear this information for you, but the extra measure never hurts.

Remember to click “End Session” in the lower right corner of the desktop when you are finished using our computers.  This will ensure that our PC Management Software ends your session properly and clears any data created from your session.