Virtual Comic Lab


Welcome to Comic Lab! These online workshops and lessons are designed to familiarize you with the process of making comics. Comics are a fun and fulfilling creative outlet and way to spend your time, but they can also provide an opportunity for you to develop related skills, such as time management, web design, and writing.

Comic Lab Lessons: Video lessons on creating comics.
Comic Lab Jam: A comic built panel by panel by Comic Lab students.

Comic Lab Lessons

Comic Lab Jam
Our Comic Jam is created by you, the students, panel by panel!

Let’s build a comic together panel by panel! If you would like to participate in the jam please send 1-3 panels to with the subject line “Comic Jam Submission”. Please read the following rules and guidelines before submitting your work.

Submission Rules and Guidelines

Please limit the size of your panels to 5 and a half inches wide, and make sure they are 5 and a half inches tall. Please note that I may need to adjust your submissions so that they display correctly in the jam, such as scaling them up or down (probably down). Submissions must be in the format of a JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF. I will be converting any accepted submissions into a PNG format.

Please keep your work appropriate for all ages.

Please note that not all submitted panels will make it into the jam, such as if the story progresses and your panel no longer fits the narrative. Panels may also not be displayed if the artist has already submitted several panels already, so as to give other artists a chance to contribute.

Please include if you would like to be credited and what name you would like used (this may be just a nickname if you wish). Credits will be displayed as alt text (text that is displayed when you hover your cursor over the image).

The library does not claim ownership over any artwork displayed in the Jam.