Comic Jams


About Comic Jams
In the summer we provide a series of programs called Comic Jams designed to give our patrons experience in constructing a graphic narrative. Exercises are structured to allow participants to be creative in a way that is harmonious with the work of each participant. Everyone’s work is collected at the end of the program and printed as a complete mini-comic.

Comics are all about self expression, the ability to draw is not a requirement to participate. Sessions follow a time limit both to promote swift and organic work as well as due to practical constraints.

While not a class in a strict sense, advise on drawing and making comics will be provided as participants work.

These sessions are open to everyone, patrons under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Why Comics?
The library aims to embolden all types of literacy within our patrons. A graphic narrative is as significant as any other narrative, but unique in both its construction and articulation. Through these programs we wish to do what we can to both help our patrons find their own voice and to allow them to better appreciate the graphic narrative.
Upcoming Sessions
Comic Jam Monday, August 7th 6:00PM – 8:00PM

When Can I Register For a Comic Jam Session?
You can register for a Comic Jam as soon as a session is announced.
Do I Have To Be Able to Draw to Participate?
The value of art in a comic differs than say that in a still life painting. In a still life you are attempting to replicate the thing you see in front of you. In a comic, you are more so expressing the artist. A stick figure drawing may not be acceptable for a still life, but as long as it conveys a voice, a tone, a feeling, it is something that is fine in the world of comics. This is because comics revolve around not replicating reality, but augmenting and exaggerating aspects of it in order to convey a message.

Consider this smiley face. We recognize this as a human face despite the fact that it is missing several features, like a nose, ears, laugh lines, wrinkles, eyebrows, and so on. Despite that, we recognize this as a face because all we need to understand what this represents and the tone that comes with it is this shape, and this expression.

So, no, you don not need to be able to draw. What is important is that you find your voice, and that is what we aim to accomplish in Comic Jams.

Do I Get to Keep the Comic?
Yes! You’ll leave the program with a complete mini-comic.
Will the Mini-Comic be Posted Online?
That depends. If every participant signs a library Photo Release form, then the comic will be added to a gallery on this page. Comics will be posted only if all participants sign the form.
What is a Mini-Comic?
A mini-comic is as the name implies: a short, small comic. They are very popular among small, independent comic artists and a wonderful way of both practicing making comic books and promoting yourself and sharing your work with others.
What if I Don't Finish on Time!?
Jam sessions are broken down into phases in an effort to keep participants working at a rate that will allow them to finish their page on time, but it is possible that a page will be incomplete at 8:00 PM. Participants are always welcome to finish their page on their own time if they are not satisfied. They can leave the finished page at the reference desk and a new mini-comic will be printed as soon as possible and be left at the reference desk for them to pick up at a future date.