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geek the library

What do you geek?

Everyone has something they are passionate about-something they geek. Maybe you geek. Maybe you geek football or hip hop. Maybe you are passionate about organic gardening, classic movies or volunteering. Or maybe you just geek the weather.

Whatever you geek, serious of fun, the public library supports you.

The public library inspires and empowers. With internet access, knowledgeable librarians and local programs, it is an important resource for your community. And for millions of Americans, it is their only access to essential resources they need to improve their lives. For many, the library is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

The problem is, public libraries are struggling.

Many libraries are cutting staff, programs and hours, and some are closing their doors forever. And even though usage has increased, funding is not sufficient to meet the need.

So please, share whatever you geek. Share what your library does for you and your community. And spread the word that your public library needs everyone's support.

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